General Corporate Practice

We provide long-term legal counsel services for many clients.  We provide daily legal support to clients in their operational activities, and also keep them abreast of new legal compliance developments that relate to their business and industry.  We assist clients in being compliant with respect to obligations for taxes, foreign exchange, labor, environmental concerns, and customs. We pride ourselves on a practical, problem-solving approach to our work. For many clients we quickly become a valued member of their business teams. 


Where Schinders acts as the company general consultant, Schinders is able to provide secretarial services to deal with the day to day operation of FIEs.


Our secretarial services may include the following services:

● Going through the approval and registration procedures for establishing legal entities

● Completing post-establishment registration procedures

● Maintaining company registrations and filings

● Renewing or change of licenses

● Preparing Board resolutions and minutes

● Assisting in annual inspection of the company