Schinders Law Hosted 2015 LAW Asia Pacific Regional Meeting



On March 27 & 28, 2015, the Asia Pacific Meeting of Lawyers Associated Worldwide (the “Meeting”) was held in Guangzhou, China. The Meeting was hosted by Schinders Law, and attended by over 20 delegates of over 10 law firms from the Asia Pacific region.



At the opening, Henry Liao, Managing Partner of Schinders Law, greeted and welcomed all the delegates to Guangzhou. After that, Danhua Huang, partner of Schinders Law, gave the attendees a presentation to introduce the new amendments to the PRC Company Law and the establishment of Guangdong Free Trade Zone.



At the Meeting, the general counsels of several major domestic companies were invited to share their experiences and suggestions with the attendees on the engagement of outside counsel. Also, the attendees had a thorough discussion and communication with each other on developing and positioning of legal services, and how to differentiate our legal services. In the end, we accompanied our guests to visit some landmarks of Guangzhou, such as Sun Yat-sun Memorial Hall, Chen Clan Academy and Canton Tower.



The Meeting strengthened the connection and communication between our firm and other law firms from all over Asia Pacific Region, and laid a solid foundation for the development of our international legal services.