Mr. Henry Liao Attended 2018 Annual Meeting of International Board of Advisors of McGeorge School of Law



From March 1 to March 3, 2018, our managing partner Henry Liao attended the 2018 annual meeting of International Board of Advisors (“IBA”) of McGeorge School of Law, the University of Pacific, which was held in Sacramento, California. Over 20 members of the IBA from all over the world attended this meeting.



Given the investigation into Russian interference with the 2016 US election dominates the news recently, a symposium was held on the topic “Foreign Interference with Elections” before the IBA meeting. Leading experts explored the legitimacy of foreign interference with elections from the respects of both international and domestic laws. One of the presenters pointed it out that US had interfered with foreign elections for a long time. The conference also discussed the ways to prevent future foreign interference with the US elections. It seems, however, that no bipartisan agreements could be reached in the near future.



After the symposium, the members of the IBA carried on with their board meeting to review the past events of IBA and update the news and the coming programs to be held. What’s more, Henry shared his experience and provided guidance on legal career for the students in the part of “Transnational Careers for McGeorge Students”, and his sharing was welcomed by the students with lots of questions and communications.



As a member of IBA of McGeorge School of Law, Henry attended the annual meeting every year, making efforts to promote the communication with the counterparts from other countries on the transnational laws and legal practice, as well as provide suggestions to Mcgeorge on how to improve its ranking and guidance for the law school students on their legal careers.