Schinders Law Hosted a Presentation on NASDAQ Listing



On March 20, 2018, our firm hosted a presentation on the topic of “SPACs - An Alternative Path to a NASDAQ Listing” in Tianhe Sheraton Hotel, Guangzhou. 



This presentation was made by Ms. Kathleen L. Deutsch of Board & Cassel LLP, who is an experienced securities lawyer in the USA, and the managing partner of our firm Mr. Henry Liao. Over 50 professionals in securities and related industries attended the presentation, including from investment banks, accounting firms, financial institutions, securities companies, entrepreneurs and in-house counsel. 



First, Ms. Kathleen L. Deutsch introduced us what SPAC was (“Special Purpose Acquisition Company”) and the advantages of using SPAC to go listed on NASDAQ compared to traditional IPO. Then she summarized the general procedures about SPAC listing through a case study, so as to help the attendees understand the SPAC listing. After that, Henry made explainanations on some key issues about VIE structure which is likely to be involved in the SPAC listing. At last, Ms. Kathleen L. Deutsch and Henry also discussed some common issues about SPAC listing with the attendees. 



This presentation was well received by the attendees, and some of the attendees continued to discuss with Henry to explore the possibility of SPAC listing of their companies after the presentation.