Congratulations to Mr. Henry Liao – Newly Appointed Expert Mediator



Mr. Henry Liao has been selected and appointed by Guangzhou Justice Bureau as expert mediator for foreign related disputes. 



On May 19, 2018, Henry attended a dissemination event in relation to dispute mediation organized by Guangzhou Justice Bureau. As part of such ceremony, the officer of Guangzhou Justice Bureau presented the appointment certificate to Henry. Henry also explained to the attendants about the laws, regulations and rules in relation with mediation, answered their questions and provided professional legal advice as well. 



Based on the database collected by Guangzhou Justice Bureau, there are more than 100,000 foreign people living and working in Guangzhou. There are increasing demands to resolve their disputes by mediation. Under the PRC People’s Mediation Law, either party to the settlement agreement via mediation could submit such agreement to a court asking for the recognition of the legal effect, thus making such agreement legally binding and enforceable.