Managing Partner Henry Liao Participated in the Conference Relating to Regulation of Pharmaceuticals Industry



From April 5 to April 6, 2019, University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law held a conference under the theme of “Changing Regulation of Pharmaceuticals: Pricing, Intellectual Property, Trade and Ethics”. A total of 63 international organizations, law schools and law firms from the USA, China, Denmark and other regions dispatched representatives to participate in this international seminar. Schinders Law sponsored this global conference.



Henry Liao, managing partner of Schinders Law, was invited to participate in the conference. He acted as the moderator of the Panel 2 on April 5. Members of Panel 2 discussed data exclusivity, ethical benefit-sharing obligation under the Nagoya Protocol and the alike. In addition, Henry attended the International Board of Advisors Meeting as a board member on April 6.



This meeting enables Schinders Law to have a further understanding of the international pharmaceutical intellectual property system, so as to provide clients with better services in this field.