Liao Xinzhi, Managing Partner of Schinders, Participated in Risk Assessment and Analysis Meeting of Guangzhou Railway Line 8 North Extension Project


As a social stability risk assessment expert engaged by the Guangzhou Municipal Political and Legal Committee, Mr. Liao Xinzhi participated in the social stability risk assessment and analysis meeting of the expropriation and compensation of houses on state-owned land of the Guangzhou railway line 8 north extension project on December 29, 2023 (hereinafter referred to as the “Project”). 


At the meeting, Mr. Liao, with his rich legal practice experience and profound legal knowledge, assessed the overall risk level of the Project and pointed out that in practice, the “scope of expropriation” and “expropriation compensation (resettlement) ” are the most controversial parts in the Project, which are most likely to cause social problems. It was suggested that a more detailed and practical project plans should be formulated, so that the expected risks of the Project could be controlled as much as possible.


This Project risk assessment and analysis meeting is of great significance in guiding the implementation of the Project. It is believed that after the implementation of effective risk prevention and mitigation measures, the Project will be better able to move forward steadily under the premise of safeguarding social stability.


Mr. Liao’s participation in the Project risk assessment gave full play to his social role as a lawyer, providing high quality and efficient legal services for economic development, social stability and improvement of people’s livelihood. Lawyers should not only serve their clients and solve their legal problems, but also actively fulfill their social responsibility, advance the law-based governance, and contribute to the construction of a harmonious socialist society.