Lirong Zhang Partner


Language:Chinese and Cantonese

Practising Jurisdiction:Mainland China

Specialized Areas:

perennial legal counsel, labor disputes, general corporate practice, purchase and process of non-performing loans, asset and debt restructuring, financial sector, real estate, intellectual property protection, civil and commercial litigation, commercial negotiation, etc.


Ms. Zhang has dealt with a great amount of economic, civil and intellectual property cases in litigation and non-litigation during her practicing. She was retained by many large and medium-size enterprises and institutions as their legal consultant and provided legal services including but not limited to liquidation and disposal of subsidies to them.

She is especially good at litigation and non-litigation legal affairs related to economy. She has provided litigation and enforcement services for a number of major economic cases involving domestic and overseas banks, insurance companies, asset management companies and other financial institutions, with the object reaching billions of RMB. She has provided a full set of legal services including but not limited to due diligence, asset restructuring, commercial negotiation, acquisition, debt recovery(litigation and non-litigation) for projects of joint acquisition and disposal of domestic debt assets of domestic and overseas famous funds and international investment banks, and has provided a variety of non-litigation legal services including but not limited to disposing non-performing assets, conducting due diligence, recovering non-performing assets and loans, disposing asset packages, and planning asset packaging for China's four major asset management companies, domestic and overseas banks and international venture capital funds. She is highly praised by clients for her strong ability, rich experience, meticulous work and high efficiency.

She used to practice law in Guangzhou Legal Aid Office.

She was appointed as an expert of mediation by Guangzhou Justice Bureau in September 2019.