Guoliang Xie Partner


Language:Chinese and Cantonese

Practising Jurisdiction:Mainland China

Specialized Areas:Civil and Commercial Law


Mr. Xie has practiced law for more than 20 years. He has been engaged in many litigation and arbitration and has undertook many other legal businesses, for instance, enforcement of effective legal documents. He has rich experience in handling complex cases. He has presented the second instance of a personal injury case with more than 20 files in the thick of over 1,000 pages and more than 20 witnesses, has represented a series of litigation caused by customer complaints towards Xiaoming Bicycle, has handled the auction of equity and debt of the abandoned Shidaitianjiao Project, which has lasted for ten years and has derived more than 40 litigation with different causes of action, has been engaged in the three old (old towns, old factories, old villages) transformation project of Huangshi Road, has been engaged in the lease dispute regarding a market in Lifu Road and the relevant enforcement of recovery of right to use, has handled the  contractual dispute over the development of the 8th Zhongshan Road and has been designed the  the equity structure of a catering group enterprise. He can practice law in fields of catering industry, hotel industry, equity investment, real estate development, constructional engineering, property management, advertising, etc.